Modular Security Layer

for Solana
Cambrian is a restaking protocol providing security layer and computational resources for Solana ecosystem

Cambrian's opt-in model for the Solana consensus layer enables SOL holders to validate new software modules developed within the Solana ecosystem.

The model incorporates a restaking mechanism, offering enhanced fee-generating opportunities for both validators and SOL holders.
This approach aims to improve features and security of the networks and enrich engagement and financial incentives within the Solana chain.

Create a modular world

without the cost of bootstrapping
with security scaling
with customizable functionality
for existing and future usecases
for the evolution of the Web3 world

Cambrian ecosystem


Cambrian empowers developers to create products in any direction with customizable reward model, quorum and consensus for AVSes: coprocessors, TEE, FHE, oracles, network keepers, decentralized sequencers, zk-related technologies and much more! This can lead to entirely new usecases and products, as developers are no longer constrained by the need for bootstraping to launch own chain.


Existing Solana node operators can optimise capacity utilisation and improve economic incentives.

Operators can scale Solana's economic security and improve capital efficiency for participating in AVS verification, which are utilised by different types of services.
Launch AVS validator


Restakers can effortlessly reuse their capital to delegate multiple AVSes operators at once in exchange for fees and rewards from protocols that run on top of the relevant AVSes.

Restaking is available for native SOL and liquid sterling derivatives in the Solana ecosystem.
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Elevate AVS development with Cambrian

Generalized networks
Network keepers
Automation layers
AI Inference
DeFi circuit breakers
Threshold FHE
TEE committees
MEV management
Sealed auctions
Private RPCs
Dark pools
GPU computation
Audio transcoding
Video transcoding
Data availability
Level of data availability with faster and efficient data transfer
Your use case
Create new usecases that could not be imagined before

The time of evolution is now

Thanks to restaking, we stand at the dawn of a perfect new world in web3 with the emergence of technologies, mechanics and usage scenarios that were previously unavailable.

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